' with ATTITUDE ' is a Northland, New Zealand based company that has been in the field of Web Site and Graphic Design for over 7 years. Here, we would like to give you a little bit of info on what we're all about and what it means to have ATTITUDE.
It is something that we try to do everyday, live work and play  ' with ATTITUDE '.

We try to throw a little bit of ATTITUDE into all our of work, Web Sites, Logo's, Interactive Cd's, Art, Screen Savers................... Our designs go from the sane 2 the completely insane. So if you want something that's not going to look like your everyday Web Site, one that makes people sit up and remember your site, or a Logo that jumps off the page, or maybe just something that's got that little bit extra.........
then you definitely need to have it done
 ' with ATTITUDE '

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